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A house with gray metal siding.


Here are the key points: 

  • Metal siding is durable and beautiful for Colorado's weather. 
  • Classic and sophisticated colors include charcoal gray and deep green. 
  • Bold and eye-catching colors include rustic red and vibrant blue. 
  • Modern and trendy colors include crisp white and weathered copper. 
  • Choose a color that reflects your home's style and your taste. 

Colorado homeowners know the drill: brutal winters with snowstorms, followed by scorching summer sun. To stay protected, your home's exterior should be as tough as the landscape. But that doesn't mean it can't also be beautiful. 

Metal siding offers the perfect combination of durability and aesthetics. With a wide variety of colors available, you can create a home that reflects your unique style. 

Today, we’re going to explore six stunning metal siding colors that are perfect for your Colorado home. From classic and sophisticated to bold and eye-catching, we'll cover a range of options to inspire you. 

Classic and Sophisticated Colors for Metal Siding 

There are a couple of metal siding colors that really nail that timeless, elegant vibe. They have that classic appeal that never seems to go out of style and they're a perfect fit for all kinds of architectural designs

1. Charcoal Gray 

Charcoal gray metal siding provides a dramatic yet sophisticated backdrop. It lets other features like stonework or natural wood accents stand out. Plus, its versatility means it fits in perfectly with different architectural styles, whether classic or modern. It's a go-to choice for homeowners looking to achieve a timeless look. 

2. Deep Green 

Looking to add some richness and natural charm to your Colorado home? Deep green metal siding is a great option. 

It brings to mind the lush evergreen scenery of the state's mountains, giving your home a real connection to its surroundings. Pair it with elements like stone or brown trim for a grounded and welcoming vibe. You can also spice things up with pops of contrasting colors. For example, a vibrant white front door can make your home's exterior even more eye-catching. 

Bold and Eye-Catching Exterior Metal Siding Colors 

If you want a home that makes a statement and stands out from the crowd, then bold and eye-catching colors are the way to go. These vibrant hues inject personality into your home's exterior, creating a unique and unforgettable look. 

3. Rustic Red 

Choosing a bold color like rustic red brings in the cozy feel of traditional barns and farmhouses. It can add a touch of nostalgia to your home. It's not just about making a statement; it also creates a sense of warmth and welcome. Imagine the inviting glow it casts on a snowy winter day! 

4. Vibrant Blue 

For another eye-catching exterior, consider vibrant blue metal siding. This energizing color brings cheer to your home's look, especially if you like modern flair. It pairs well with clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic, perfect for contemporary homes. 

But don't count out traditional styles. Blue can add a playful touch to any architectural style. 

Modern and Trendy Metal Siding Colors for Houses 

Top shot of a building with red metal siding.

Metal siding isn't just about timeless elegance or bold statements. It can also be a canvas for showcasing the latest trends in exterior design. Here are two colors that will ensure your Colorado home stands out for all the right reasons. 

5. Crisp White 

This bright and airy color reflects light beautifully, making your home appear larger and more open. 

Crisp white pairs well with any architectural style. But it truly shines in contemporary settings where clean lines and a streamlined look are key. Plus, it creates a fresh and modern feel that perfectly complements the lively Colorado landscape. 

6. Weathered Copper 

If you're after a unique and trendy twist on traditional metal siding, consider weathered copper.  Its rich, warm tones bring a sophisticated yet rustic vibe. The subtle color variations also give your home's exterior depth and charm. 

Plus, it weathers naturally over time, developing a beautiful patina, adding even more character. This earthy feel creates a striking contrast against the backdrop of the Colorado Rockies. 

Design Your Home With Confidence 

When making your final decision, consider your home's architectural style and your neighborhood aesthetics. And most importantly, don’t forget about your own personal taste. 

Don't be afraid to get creative! Metal siding comes in a wide variety of colors beyond what we've covered in this blog. Research different colors and finishes to find the perfect fit for your dream home. 

Explore all of our siding product options at GS Exterior Experts! We offer a wide range of styles that will stand the test of time. 

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