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There is something simply luxurious about the look of stucco, and when combined with the decorating options of stucco moldings, homes can truly stand out as gems in a neighborhood. If you are considering stucco for your home in the Denver area, rest assured that GS Exterior Experts has got you covered. Your stucco installation will be done professionally and beautifully.

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Stucco Benefits

When building or renovating your Denver home, your intention should be to construct something functional as well as something that suits your taste. In examining the benefits of Stucco, you can see where it truly shines.

Distinct Appearance: Stucco homes are often times associated with million-dollar homes in Colorado and offer many options of customization.

Energy Efficiency: Stucco acts as an excellent insulation, with noticeable efficiency. It also allows for air infiltration, keeping your home fresh and comfortable.

Durability: Stucco will outlast the life of your home. Stucco is a barrier to termites and woodpeckers.

Fire-Resistant: Stucco does not burn, thus giving you increased protection.

Easily Repaired: Stucco is easily repaired and provides a solid hard wall that offers security and protects against the harsh Colorado climate.

Stucco Repair

If the exterior of your stucco home is starting to fade or is in need of repairs, be sure to contact us as soon as you notice the damage. If left unattended, the exposed area can expand the damage by loosening the surrounding stucco. Therefore, it is important to tend to stucco repairs quickly. While there are many sources on the internet for DIY stucco repairs, keep in mind that repairing cracked, chipped or otherwise damaged stucco in a manner that matches the rest of the texture on your walls is very difficult to accomplish. It takes expertise and talent to texturize stucco and blend it seamlessly into the rest of the surface. Stucco that has not been properly repaired tends to crack and chip again, causing further damage to your walls and your wallet.

Save yourself the time and frustration of dealing with stucco repairs, and contact GS Exterior Experts, your trusted Stucco contractor in Denver, for quality stucco patching and stucco repair services that last! Our crew has the ability to match the texture and consistency of your stucco walls in a manner that looks flawless.


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GS Exterior Experts did a great job! Very pleased with the siding and gutters. His crew was professional, skilled, pleasant, and hard working.—Lou R.
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