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Tile Roofing

Clay tile roofs are an ideal match for homes with a Spanish or Mediterranean design style. This type of roofing also pairs well with stone or brick siding. It’s a suitable roof choice for many of today’s most in-demand architectural styles. A tile roof is a costly upfront investment, especially if you opt for clay tiles rather than concrete ones. However, clay tiles offer many great benefits including durability, longevity, energy efficiency, great curb appeal, low maintenance, hurricane-grade wind mitigation (with proper installation and maintenance), fire safety, and more. Do you want the appearance of a tile roof but not the high cost? Consider beautiful, long-lasting, and economical concrete roofing tiles.

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Why Choose Tile Roofing?

Clay tiles can last for as long as 100 years, compared to concrete which typically lasts 50 years. Clay tiles are a great green roofing option because they are constructed from earth minerals, not chemicals, and can be easily recycled once removed. Concrete tiles are also available to imitate shake and slate tiles.

Clay and concrete roofing tiles are also energy efficient keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Clay tile roofing is a very stylish alternative to conventional shingles and has a uniquely natural look and feel. It’s also a great choice for today’s modern, design-conscious properties, as well as for eco-friendly homes.

Tile Roofing Product Options

Clay Tile

Clay roof tile is a symbol of premium roofing, with the highest standard of sustainability and craftsmanship.

  • Premium, all-natural materials to last a lifetime
  • Unsurpassed beauty that will not fade over time
  • The truly sustainable roof solution
Clay Tile Roofing

Concrete Tile

Concrete roof tile is beautiful and enduring and one of the easiest ways to complement your lifestyle and increase the value of your home.

  • Affordable without compromising curb appeal
  • Energy efficient, saves on energy bills
  • Slate, Shake, Spanish Mission styles and more…
Concrete Tile Roofing
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They did an amazing job on my roof and gutters after the hail storm we had. I definitely recommend them! —Danielle M.
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