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Artisan Siding

Artisan Siding

Siding protects your home from water damage, keeps pests away, and protects your loved ones from extreme elements like rain and wind. And to top it all off, this component improves curb appeal!

We, at GS Exterior Experts, know how essential siding is to every home. That is why we use top-tier, durable, and exquisitely designed Artisan siding products to transform our clients' houses and deliver exceptional results.

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James Hardie Artisan Aspyre's collection of siding and trim is a great product for those looking for a modern siding that creates a great curb appeal while offering enhanced thickness and deep shadow lines. 

This product is available in 5/8” thick factory primed siding that is ready to paint and is available in 12-foot lengths and various width profiles.

The artisan collection by James Hardie is a non-combustible fiber cement siding product with a class A fire-resistant material as well as hail-resistant, woodpecker-resistant, and mold-resistant products.

An Overview of Artisan Siding

Artisan siding is a modern siding solution made from fiber cement. This material contains a mixture of cement, wood pulp, and sand. As the material combination suggests, artisan siding is strong and durable.

We highly recommend this product to any homeowners seeking a siding solution resistant to damage from mold, harsh elements, fire, woodpeckers, blister, rot, and much more!

Not to forget, Artisan siding is stylish and easy on the eye, making it ideal for improving curb appeal and home value.

James Hardie Artisan Siding

Benefits of Artisan Siding

Siding installation or replacement is a massive and vital project, with good reasons. After all, a sizable home can cost a pretty sum. So, assessing the benefits you will accrue from artisan siding before kickstarting an exterior remodeling project is wise.

The Artisan siding products we use have the following outstanding positive qualities and attributes:

Unrivaled Durabilit

If you seek a durable siding solution for your home, look no further than the Artisan collection. Why? First, Artisan siding products can withstand environmental challenges without buckling under prematurely.

Simply put, Artisan siding is weather, fire, and mold resistant and, therefore, likely to last long even in areas susceptible to these issues. What's more, insects and animals like woodpeckers and termites find Artisan siding unappealing!


Artisan siding is made from fiber cement. Experts consider this material eco-friendly because it's highly durable and resistant to damage. In other words, since fiber cement is long-lasting, homeowners don't need to replace it too often, putting less stress on raw materials like sand and cement.

Moreover, manufacturers use recycled materials to make fiber cement. That reduces the amount of waste in landfills and conserves non-renewable resources like sand.

Exceptional Appearance

Artisan siding comes with distinctive shadow lines and exceptional thickness. These two qualities enable it to stand out and radiate an air of elegance.

And we can't forget that Artisan siding has a gorgeous, natural appearance. That makes this solution the best choice for any homeowner looking to accentuate their property's overall appearance and curb appeal.

Different Styles

Artisan siding comes in different styles. We have Artisan Ship lap siding, Artisan Square channel siding, Artisan V Groove siding, Artisan Hardie plank lap siding, Artisan reverse Board and batten siding, and Aspyre Reveal panel with recess trim.

All the Artisan siding styles we use have distinct qualities and appearances. That means you will be spoilt for choice when you side your home with Artisan siding.

Artisan Siding Options

At GS Exterior Experts, we offer our clients the following James Hardie Artisan siding options:

HardiePlank® Lap Siding

Artisan Shiplap Siding

Artisan Shiplap is a siding style with distinct lines designed to resemble conventional siding closely. Therefore, if you have impeccable taste and favor authenticity and a great look, among other things, try Artisan Shiplap siding.


Artisan Shiplap siding panels are 0.625" thick, 144" long, and weigh 4.55lbs per square foot. These products also have a width of 10.25", and 9" exposure and come primed for paint.

Artisan V Groove Siding

Artisan V Groove Siding

As experts, we recommend Artisan V-Groove siding for any homeowner considering installing wood v-groove siding. That is so because Artisan V-Groove siding combines everything there's to love about traditional wood v-groove with the fantastic performance and durability of James Hardie's fiber-cement products.


Artisan V-Groove siding panels are 0.625" thick, 144" long, and weigh 4.55lbs per square foot. These products also have a width of 8.25" and 7" exposure and come primed for paint.

HardieShingle® Siding

Artisan Square Channel Siding

Artisan Square Channel should be your go-to if you want a siding option that complements modern and traditional styles and has the best of both worlds. This siding option comes with accurate right-angle cuts that create wideset channels and guarantee elegant aesthetics.


Artisan Square Channel siding panels are 0.625" thick, 144" long, and weigh 4.55lbs per square foot. These products also have a width of 10.25" and 9" exposure and come primed for paint.

Artisan® Exterior Design

Artisan Hardie Plank Lap Siding

Like all other James Hardie products, Artisan Hardie Plank Lap siding is a premium solution that combines incredible durability with elegant aesthetics. This option is traditional and timeless, sleek and robust, and more.


Artisan Hardie Plank siding boards are 0.312" thick and 144" long. These products also have a width of 8.25" and 7" exposure and come primed for paint.

HardieWrap® Weather Barrier

Aspyre Reveal Panel with Recess Trim

The James Hardie's Aspyre collection is a solution that's designed to fuse unrivaled performance with incredible design into any imaginable form. And within this art and soul of high design is the customizable Reveal Panel System.


As the name suggests, these products have hidden trims that lend them an ultra-contemporary look. Typical Reveal Panels are 0.437" thick and measure 4ft by 8ft. Two options are also available: primed and clear anodized finish.

HardieTrim® Boards & HardieSoffit® Panels

Artisan Reverse Board and Batten Siding

Reverse board and batten siding is quite popular today. If you don't know what it is, picture a siding style featuring wide planks (boards) joined together using narrow vertical strips, otherwise known as the battens.


Most experts use Hardie Panel vertical siding items to achieve the Artisan Reverse Board and Batten siding look. Generally, these panels are 0.312" thick, 120" long, and 48" wide. They are also ready for field painting.

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

The Aspyre Collection from James Hardie siding comes in three distinct styles. Artisan V-Groove® siding is a bold and dramatic profile that adds traditional charm to any home. Hardie Artisan Shiplap siding, on the other hand, mimics natural cedar for an authentic look. Lastly, Artisan Square Channel Siding is an eye-catching design that provides precise, right-angle cuts and wide set channels.

Hardie Artisan siding is 5/8-inch thick, providing a precise fit and finish while also allowing homeowners to miter corners for a streamlined look.

James Hardie Artisan siding comes with a 30-year, limited warranty that covers manufacturing defects and premature fading due to UV exposure. Additionally, the product is designed to be resistant to extreme weather conditions, insect damage, and moisture infiltration. All these elements ensure that your home looks great for years to come.

The cost of Artisan siding installation depends on the type you choose, as well as your location and any unique requirements for your project. Contact us today to get a free estimate on Artisan siding installation for your home!

For the highest quality artisan siding in Denver, come to GS Exterior Experts. We specialize in James Hardie Artisan Siding and provide expert installation services for all our products. Whether you want Hardie artisan siding or artisan shiplap siding, we have what you need to get the job done.

Get Artisan Siding from Colorado's Exterior Remodeling Experts

If your home needs Artisan siding, get top-tier, authentic products from GS Exterior Experts. Our company specializes in siding, and we have skilled and experienced experts ready to make any exterior remodeling project you have a roaring success. Since our mission is to deliver the best in customer service through dedication and honesty, expect nothing but the best from us. Let's transform your home together! Contact Us today for more information.


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