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In addition to having a variety of styles, textures, and colors to choose from, asphalt roofing shingles are cost-effective, durable, and easy to maintain. Some varieties of asphalt shingles are manufactured to resemble tile, wood, cedar shakes or slate, while providing more benefits than other roofing materials. Asphalt shingles are available in an incredible choice of colors and styles to complement your home.

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Why Choose Asphalt?

Your asphalt shingle roof in Denver can be totally unique and look very different to your neighbor’s due to the large choice of asphalt shingle shapes. You can choose a flat, uniform look that is created with long, rectangular, asphalt shingles in a flat, edge-to-edge configuration. Commonly, you’ll see overlapping asphalt shingles that are relatively uniform in shape and color but appear different shades because of the 3D overlapped effect. Natural-looking, rough-edged shingles are also an option.

Product Options

Duration® Shingles by Owens Corning

TruDefinition™ Duration® Shingles are specially formulated to provide greater contrast and dimension to any roof. Through the use of multiple granule colors and shadowing, TruDefinition Duration Shingles offer a truly unique and dramatic effect. This exclusive combination of color and depth is what makes TruDefinition Duration Shingles like no other.

TruDefinition Duration Shingles are available in popular colors with bold, lively contrast and complementing shadow lines for greater dimension. They feature a Limited Lifetime Warranty, 130-MPH Wind Resistance Limited Warranty, and an Algae Resistance Limited Warranty. Beyond the outstanding curb appeal and impressive warranty coverage, they also come with the advanced performance of patented SureNail® Technology.

Featuring a tough, woven engineered reinforcing fabric to deliver consistent fastening during installation. A unique “triple layer” of reinforcement occurs when the fabric overlays the common bond of the shingle laminate layers that offers excellent fastener holding power. Specially formulated, wide adhesive bands help keep shingle layers laminated together.

Duration Shingles by Owens Corning Asphalt Roofing

GAF ArmorShield™

Timberline® ArmorShield™ Shingles combine all the beauty of Timberline® (North America’s #1-selling shingle) with UL 2218 Class 4 impact resistance. Their beauty is unlike any other, thanks to their proprietary shadow bands. Each shadow band is applied using a sophisticated, computer-controlled “feathering” technique. When combined with their randomly blended top layer, it results in a shingle with exceptional depth and dimension — and a striking look unmatched by any other brand.

When you compare Timberline® ArmorShield™ Shingles to typical architectural shingles, it’s easy to see why they’ll look sharper and more beautiful on your roof — while enhancing the resale value of your home.

For a rugged wood shake look, consider Grand Sequoia® ArmorShield™ Shingles. They’re a fraction of the cost of traditional slate or wood shakes, and they pass UL 2218 Class 4 Impact-Resistance Testing. Grand Sequoia® ArmorShield™ Shingles feature artisan-crafted shapes combined with oversized tabs and a dimensional design, resulting in a sophisticated beauty unmatched by typical shingles. Their specially formulated color palette is designed to accentuate the shingle’s natural appeal.

GAF asphalt shingles provide an excellent combination of protection and beauty for your home. They pass the industry’s toughest impact-resistance test: UL 2218 Class 4.

GAF ArmorShield Asphalt Roofing

Certainteed Presidential®

The Presidential Series is the original luxury shingle series created to replicate the appearance of hand-split cedar shakes in the form of premium roofing asphalt. The shade, texture and rustic sculpted edges of each Presidential Series shingle combines to create a sophisticated design that stands far above the rest.

Presidential Series shingles are less costly than cedar shakes, but the benefits don’t end there. Unlike wood, these shingles will not rot, and offer the industry’s highest fire resistance rating. Plus, with CertainTeed’s StreakFighter® technology, your roof is protected from the unsightly streaking caused by airborne algae.

CertainTeed’s lifetime limited asphalt shingle warranty is an industry-best, covering ANY manufacturing defect, including aesthetic defects.

With three layers of material, Presidential Shake TL is the industry’s thickest, toughest and heaviest shingle. Sculpted tabs provide the unique, rustic beauty of hand-split cedar shake roofing. The founding father of wood shake replicas, Presidential Shake established it all. The top tier performance of asphalt, the curb appeal of hand-split cedar shake roofing, and the unwavering quality of CertainTeed.

CertainTeed Presidential Asphalt Roofing
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