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hardie board siding colors

When it comes to refurbishing a home, there are many elements that you have to consider. Of all, one of the most important is siding. No matter which siding option you want to invest in for your new or remodeled home, you must know and be sure that you have chosen the most suitable one. Anyhow, in the US, some of the most popular siding options include vinyl and laminate. But there is another option that is taking over all other conventional and modern siding options; that is Hardie plank. If you have made up your mind that you are also choosing this siding, then you must be aware of every this and that of the Hardie plank siding.

Let’s start with a very basic introduction to the current trends in Hardie plank siding colors and designs!

What is Hardie Plank Siding Anyway?

Hardie plank siding is a kind of fiber-cement siding that is made up of wood pulp, cement components, and cellulose fiber. It is gaining much popularity due to its robust and endearing strength. It neither rots, warps, nor allows termites through while mimicking the high-end finishing of wood planks. It is estimated that Hardie plank siding can last for 50 years. 

hardie plank siding

The way other siding options have their specific advantages and disadvantages, Hardie plank has its own benefits and downsides, mentioned down below:

Pros of Hardie Plank:

  • Durable:

One of the basic reasons why Hardie plank siding has become a popular option of siding is its durability. Due to its high-duty materials, including components of cement and fiber, it can withstand all harsh conditions. No matter, if there is a storm or heavy rainfall, this material will never give up. It is water-resistant, fire-resistant, and pest-resistant, offering a much more reliable siding option for homeowners.

  • Longevity:

Because Hardie plank siding is durable and does not let anything affect it, it lasts more than any other siding option. With care and maintenance, you will never need a new installation, as they come with 30 -50 years of lifespan.

  • Lasting Color:

In the case of normal wood, you have to refresh paint yearly or even after months throughout its lifespan. But thankfully with Hardie plank siding, there is nothing like that. You may need to refresh the paint after a couple of years.

  • High-End Appeal:

While Hardie plank does not have other features of wood, it sure does look like wood. It offers a natural, organic, and high-end appeal. This adds a high definition to the look of Hardie plank siding. This is the best choice for homeowners who want to incorporate wood but cannot ensure maintenance.

hardie board siding colors

Cons Hardie Plank:

  • Difficult To Install:

The downside of the Hardie plank siding is that it is difficult to install. Due to the material quality, it can get technically difficult to install them on your own. You will need expert help to get them installed for you. Look around for a professional Hardie plank siding contractor to do the job with perfection.

  • High Labor Cost:

              Since you cannot install Hardie plank siding yourself, you will need to hire someone to do the job. Hiring someone means that you will have to pay a high labor cost for the installation. However, you can save this money by searching for an affordable Hardie plank siding service.

Current Trends In Hardie Plank Siding Colors And Designs:

Today, since Hardie plank siding is highly in trend, there are many color choices like the Dream Collection, Magnolia Collection, and more that different homeowners choose. The Hardie plank siding popular colors are:

  • Natural Tones:

               People prefer to choose natural tones for their Hardie plank siding to add a natural and rustic appeal to substantiate the original texture of the siding. 

  • Grays:

               Then you have the option of scintillating, charismatic, and highly elegant gray. Warm shades of gray are very popular; you can choose one according to your choice.

  • Dark Colors:

               Any dark color will do the wonder. Dark colors are more emphatic and graceful.

  • Custom:

            Why jump the bandwagon?  If none of the above choices interest you, you can choose a personalized tone or contrast of two colors. The best thing is that you get the option of Hardie plank siding custom colors. So, why waste it?

Just like Hardie plank Hardie board siding colors, there are a few trending designs you can incorporate:

  • Mix Matching:

Probably no one would have told you that you can incorporate different sidings to obtain a dominant texture. And that is exactly what is trending these days.

  • Modern Styled Homes:

The wood-like appeal of the Hardie plank siding makes it look rustic and thus more suitable to traditionally designed homes. However, people are installing them in modern designed homes.

In sum, Hardie plank is a great siding option that is enduring, lasting and has great visual value. No matter which color you choose one thing is guaranteed Hardie plank Hardie board siding colors will never wear out as they do on other sidings. So, get your home styled and protected with the great Hardie plank siding!

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