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Along with increased longevity, advanced fireproofing, and weather resistance, new siding can also make your house more beautiful. With the right colors, your home will have the curb appeal you need if you decide to sell it, too.

James Hardie has come out with their new Dream Colors Collection of finishes. These finishes are baked on and come with a 15-year non-prorated guarantee. What’s more, they come in a wonderful array of 700 colors in five categories. Understanding the five color categories can be helpful in choosing the ideal colors for your home.

Classic Lights and Darks

In the Dream Colors Collection, Classic Lights and Darks includes several black and several white colors. These classic colors are great if you want to present a traditional appearance. Whites and blacks work well for older homes. They give a crisp, clean look to a modern home as well, especially when a white main color is used with a black trim.

Why so many different whites and blacks? The reason is that they aren’t simple colors. Some blacks are darker than others, and some have hints of other colors like browns and dark blues. Some whites are purer white and reflect more light. Some are warmer colors than others. For example, White Meringue is a much warmer color than White Picket Fence.

Grays and Neutrals

Gray siding colors are popular, because they look modern, elegant, and attractive, yet subtle. The Dream Colors Collection includes very light grays, like Stone Gray or Urban Gray; medium grays like Wet Concrete and Ash Gray; and deep grays like Volcano Gray and Sky Scraper Gray.

Neutral colors leave you the most options for other exterior features like your roof. This collection has a wide range of neutral colors than run from whites to greens to browns and even blacks – all within the neutral range.

Earth Tones

Dozens of James Hardie siding colors fit into the earth tone category. So, what’s the difference between a neutral and an earth tone? Typically, earth tones are warmer colors, meaning they have hints of yellows, oranges, and reds, while neutrals tend to be cooler versions with a bluer or greener cast.

Some that tend more to yellow are Maize, Cream Corn, and Straw Hat. Oranges like Golden Leaves, Dripping Gold, and Golden Beehive show up warm and welcoming. More reddish neutrals in the collection include Baked Clay, Rusty Nail, and Brushwork Red.

Blues and Greens

You can have a lot of variation in blues and greens. Some greens, like Arborvitae, are warmer colors, while others, like Green Light, are cooler. The same is true of the blues, with Aquafoam being cooler than Blue Opal. Of course, there are also in-between colors that mix blue and green, such as Melted Teal and Parakeets Teal.

Choosing blue or green is a bold move that can pay off big in a beautiful visual effect. Blues and greens look especially appropriate in a more natural setting, such as near a forest or river. At the same time, they can add interest to a more urban setting.

Peaceful Pastels

The Peaceful Pastels colors are soft, delicate shades of the colors you love. They include pinks, like Rosewater or Pink Carnation. The category also features orangish colors like Peach Parfait and Dried Apricot. Creamy yellow colors like Designer Cream and Snapdragon Blossom have a gentle, inviting glow.

Of course, there are also pastels on the cooler side, including blues like Foggy Blue, violets, like Faded Mauve, and greens, like Fishing Boat. Both warm and cool pastel colors are often associated with spring. But, whether it’s cold outside or the first day of spring, these colors can brighten your home considerably.

Choosing the right colors for your home’s exterior is an important decision. After all, your siding should last a good, long while. You want to make sure you choose colors you can live with in the long term. 

So, look at the James Hardie Dream Color Collection to get a few ideas. Then, discuss your choices with a siding expert at GS Exteriors Experts to get a better idea of how these colors can work together best for you. Simply call us at (702) 683-6288 or leave us a message on our Contact Us page. We are a Colorado home improvement company ready to help you with any questions your have about siding and more.

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