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Benefits Of Replacing Windows

Installing new windows Replacing your windows is a smart move if they’re old, leaky, or single-pane windows. Here are some facts to consider as you contemplate adding replacement windows to your home followed by the benefits of new windows.

Window Replacement Isn’t Just for Hundred-Year-Old Homes

Very old homes are known for being drafty. No one is surprised when their owners pay extremely high energy bills. Yet, your home doesn’t have to be 100 years old to have windows that aren’t energy efficient.

In fact, research and development of Low-E windows didn’t even start until the 1970s. And, it wasn’t until 1988 that only 20 percent of windows in the U.S. were Low-E windows. So, if your home is 30 years old, it’s highly likely that it has inefficient windows. Even more recently-constructed homes often do not have them. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have a windows expert check your windows if you’re unsure about them.

The Cost of Inefficient Windows

When you think about it, you’re paying to keep your old windows. According to the government’s Energy Star website, replacement windows can save you up to $465 per year. That’s no small amount, especially when you consider the cost spread over the many years you’ll be in your home.

Replacing those old windows can cut your costs significantly over time. That’s because energy-efficient replacement windows solve the problems that contribute to your high energy bills. They stop the drafts, keep out the heat of the sun, and allow you to control the temperature of your home more consistently.

Benefits of Replacing Windows

Efficient Windows Reduce Condensation

Inefficient windows cause condensation, too. When the weather is too cold, water condenses on the interior surface of your window and also provides a curb appeal. It gathers on the sill and can ruin the paint and/or damage the sill. With energy-efficient replacement windows, though, the glass says warmer. This prevents condensation and protects your sills.

Comfort Matters

A drafty home is an uncomfortable home. When it’s cold, you feel frigid breezes coming from around your windows. In the summer, those same windows let in hot air. The sun beats down on the windows, and there’s nothing there to stop all that heat from radiating into your home. If you want a home that is comfortable year-round, you need to replace old windows.

Replacement Windows Protect Your Personal Property

Besides the cold or hot air that comes in, dust can also make its way in when you have old windows. That means items like electronics, photographs, and other personal items are exposed to more dust than they should be. Not only are replacement windows tighter, but the new energy efficient framing systems make them even better at keeping out cold, heat, and dust.

When you feel how much more comfortable your home is when you can keep it at a steady temperature, you’ll appreciate the first advantage of replacing your windows. When you see the decrease in your monthly utility costs, you’ll know you made the right decision.

Final Words

Learn more about energy efficient replacement windows from the experts. Just contact GS Exterior Experts for window installation & replacement services by calling (720) 683-6288 or using our convenient Contact Us form. GS Exteriors is a Colorado home improvement company committed to helping you get the most out of your home to enjoy it more now and in the future.

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