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Benefits of Re-Siding Your Home with Fiber Cement Siding vs Wood or Vinyl

Re-siding your home is a major undertaking. When you see the project completed, you want a home you can be proud to own. Just as important, you want your home to withstand the weather and last for years to come. If you choose the right siding, you can accomplish both. Here’s why fiber cement siding may be a much better option for your home than wood or vinyl.


The siding of your home can detract from or contribute substantially to its curb appeal. The siding not only needs to look great when the project is completed. It also needs to look beautiful for many years, even decades, into the future.

Wood Grain Effects

The right wood grain effect can improve your home’s exterior appearance dramatically. You can buy vinyl with wood grain. However, vinyl is only a thin plastic. Its wood grain effect is unconvincing at best. Wood siding has distinct wood grain, of course. Yet, because it’s so easily damaged, the wood grain doesn’t retain its beauty over time. By contrast, fiber cement siding has a deep, natural-looking wood grain that holds up well no matter what the weather.

Styles and Colors

Fiber cement siding comes in a vast variety of elegant styles and colors. Like vinyl, you can get James Hardie fiber cement siding in horizontal or vertical styles. And, like wood, you can get fiber cement siding that looks like cedar shingles. In both cases, the fiber cement siding continues to give a more attractive appearance over the years.

Heat Resistance

The siding you choose needs to have superior heat resistance. Wildfires can destroy wood and vinyl siding quickly. Vinyl can melt and buckle, and wood can go up in flames instantly. James Hardie fiber cement siding, on the other hand, can resist fire long enough for help to arrive.

Fire isn’t the only threat from heat, though. Vinyl siding tends to fade very soon because of exposure to the sun or its reflection from windows. When you choose fiber cement panels, you can rest assured that your siding won’t warp, fade, or melt due to fire or heat damage.

Weather Resistance

Weather happens. It will rain. It will get hot and humid. It will freeze and snow. You may not be able to avoid exposing your home’s exterior to weather, but you can choose a siding that withstands the punishment.

Wood siding can split, crack, and deteriorate due to excessive moisture. Mold can take hold rapidly and leave your cedar shingles looking like a shattered eggshell. Fiber concrete siding keeps its integrity despite harsh weather conditions. Even better, it does so with less maintenance than wood siding.

James Hardie fiber cement siding outperforms wood and vinyl siding in durability, heat and weather resistance, and appearance. If you’re ready for the lasting benefits of fiber cement siding, contact GS Exterior Experts by calling (720) 683-6288 or using our convenient Contact Us form. GS Exteriors is a Colorado home improvement company committed to helping you beautify and protect the home you love.

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