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Are you looking for reliable siding for your home that won't need to be replaced often? If so, Hardie Board could be the perfect material for you. As one of the most versatile materials on the market today, Hardie Board is used in a variety of applications from exterior siding to architectural elements.

It’s also known for its impressive durability and resistance to elements. If you're wondering, “How long does Hardie Board last?” – whether indoors or outdoors – we have all the answers here at GS Exterior Experts. Keep reading to learn more about this popular building material and what kind of maintenance routine it needs in order to maximize the longevity of Hardie Board.

Overview of Hardie Board

Hardie Board is an engineered wood product developed by James Hardie Building Products. It consists of a blend of cellulose fiber and cement that makes it extremely resistant to fire, moisture, and pests. It also comes in a range of colors and textures which makes it popular for use on both interior and exterior surfaces.

Another similar product made by the same company is HardiePlank. It is a type of siding material that has similar properties to Hardie Board in terms of durability and fire resistance, but with one key difference: it's thinner than its counterpart.

This makes it easier to install, which can save on labor costs for contractors or DIYers who want to add siding to their homes. But how long does HardiePlank last and how long does Hardie Board last? Let’s find out.

Durability and Life Expectancy of Hardie Siding

Hardie Board and HardiePlank are two of the most popular siding materials on the market today, thanks to their impressive durability. However, how long does Hardie siding last?

With proper installation and maintenance, Hardie Board and HardiePlank can provide up to 30 years of reliable siding performance. This is far longer than traditional wood sidings which require more frequent maintenance in order to protect against rot or decay.

Hardie siding is also an incredibly durable material that can withstand extreme weather conditions. This includes:

  • Strong winds
  • Heavy rains
  • High temperatures
  • Freezing temperatures

The fiber cement composition of these products also makes them resistant to warping and cracking, as well as mold growth. Both products are extremely low-maintenance, requiring only occasional cleaning to keep them looking their best.

Additionally, Hardie Board and HardiePlank offer superior performance when compared with other siding materials such as vinyl or aluminum. Unlike those materials, both products are non-combustible which makes them excellent fire safety options for any home.

They are also designed to resist pests – something that vinyl or aluminum cannot offer. This makes Hardie siding ideal for homes in areas with a lot of insect activity or infestations as the material won't suffer from deterioration like traditional wood siding.

Overall, Hardie siding is the most reliable siding material on the market today. With proper installation and maintenance, these products can provide decades worth of protection for your home's exterior while still maintaining their aesthetic appeal over time.

How to Extend the Lifespan of Hardie Board 

In order to ensure that your Hardie siding lasts for its full life expectancy of up to 30 years, it is important to take proper care and maintenance steps. Here are three key tips.

  1. Regular Inspections: It is important to inspect your Hardie Board siding on a regular basis to look for signs of wear and tear, such as cracks, warping or discoloration. Checking for any damage early can help prevent further damage from occurring and help ensure the longevity of your Hardie Board siding. 
  1. Cleaning: To keep your Hardie Board looking its best, it is important to clean it regularly with a garden hose and a bristle brush. This will remove dirt and debris that are often the cause of discoloration or mold growth over time.
  1. Sealants: Applying a coat of sealant to your Hardie Board siding once every two years or so can help extend its life expectancy even further. Sealants create a protective barrier against moisture, preventing any water damage or mold growth that could compromise the integrity of the siding over time. Make sure you choose a sealant specifically designed for use on fiber cement products like Hardie Board in order to get optimal results.

With proper care and a new paint job every 10 to 20 years, these materials can easily last the lifetime of your home. This will save you time and money on costly repairs or replacements.


With the knowledge of how long HardiePlank siding lasts along with Hardie Board, investing in these products is a great decision for any home. Not only will it provide up to 30 years of reliable protection from the elements, but with proper installation and maintenance, its lifespan can be extended even further! 

Looking for James Hardie siding for your next project? See how GS Exterior Experts can help install Hardie products today!

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