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Wildfire happened in Colorado - Featured Image

GS Exterior Experts highlight why your homes get caught in wildfires.

Colorado, USA: GS Exterior Experts, a home remodeling and improvement company, has introduced various new James Hardie products to help homeowners protect themselves and their property from fires, especially wildfires.

Wildfires can happen anytime, anywhere thus it is important to understand the reasons that cause these fires to spread with such ferocity.

As explained by the CEO of GS Exterior Experts, the most common yet devastating reasons for homes catching fire are the embers from the flames. These embers can be from multiple sources but the ones that become the fuel are twigs, leaves, branches, needles, and sticks. These glowing embers are the root cause of homes igniting during a wildfire.

Firestorms most often ignite homes and properties where glowing embers are allowed to accumulate thus it is very important to keep your house clean, especially the porch, hidden areas, corners, niches, and any place where debris can accumulate. Most homeowners neglect cracks and other sorts of openings without pondering much over them. This is a serious concern because embers can enter through these openings and can cause widespread damage.

Home owners need to protect themselves and their property through a mechanism that does not allow any embers from entering inside.

It is true that homes cannot be completely safeguarded against fires but homeowners can minimize the impact of these flames.

While no home is 100% fireproof, there are steps home owners can take to help prevent and resist fires near their homes.

GS Exterior Experts provides multiple James Hardie sidings and panels that reduce the wear and tear caused by weather and other natural occurrences such as wildfires.

If Colorado homeowners do not take necessary steps to protect their homes, their safe havens will be destroyed. The best way to mitigate the potential consequences of such disasters is to install James Hardie sidings and use non-combustible material.

Another way to minimize the impact and compensate for the damage is by taking out home insurance, which will eventually help secure the financial well-being of your house. If you install James Hardie sidings, insurance companies will offer home insurance discounts and that will help you save up on insurance premium costs.

Most insurance claims are granted only if the insured has taken necessary steps to prevent any sort of loss from happening in the first place. If there are no steps taken towards loss prevention, the insurer does not become liable to pay any compensation.

When it comes to home insurance, loss prevention actions include getting fire-resistant material, class A exterior material, and fire-resistant sidings. Founder of GS Exterior Experts, Keith Vigil, dissects wildfires and the human behavior towards it.

Please look at this educational video for more tips on protecting your home against wildfires.

With climate change impacting us rapidly, wildfires all across the world are increasing in size, frequency, and intensity. If we do not take necessary steps now, we will have to face dire consequences.

The wildfire seasons are also becoming longer and there does not seem to be a stop to it. If we cannot curtail the spread of these blazing monstrosities, the least we can do is to change our behavior towards it. It is true that these firestorms are unpredictable, it is also not false to say that human behavior in such circumstances is aberrant.

To keep ourselves and our loved ones safe, we need to understand the intricacies involved to the extent that the least we can do is limit the risk factor, if not nullify it.

James Hardie sidings are very useful when it comes to stopping the spreading of fire due to the coating used. The coatings have fire-resistant compounds that work as active ingredients to destroy the heat produced from fires. These agents together act as a barrier against acute heat, preventing severe damages to the property.

It is not just the typical sidings that help contain the effects of fire, products like fiber cement sidings, fire-resistant sidings, and double pane windows can reduce the damage caused by extreme heat.

It can be difficult to ascertain the proximate cause of the fires yet it is up to the homeowners to curtail the peril. There are a lot of pile-ups, especially in places that are difficult to reach like roof panels and cracks because dry leaves easily get stuck in the little spaces.

Fires are quick to gobble up all these dry pieces of debris, and this causes the flames to grow even bigger, which eventually increases the destructive power of the fire.

Wildfires can reach speeds up to 100 miles per hour and this firestorm sets anything in its path ablaze. To protect everything you love, you need expert products.

GS Exterior Experts is an exterior home improvement company specializing in siding, windows, stone, and roofing. We are a full-service exterior contractor specializing in residential exterior remodeling in Denver and surrounding areas.

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