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when to consider exterior remodeling

Protecting your biggest investment is a lot of work to do alone and not knowing what to look for can make a small problem become an expensive problem if not caught and fixed before it’s too late. Are your home exterior siding and trim looking a little rough on the outside?

This post will relate to the top signs that it’s time to consider some exterior remodeling before it’s too late. Here are our top signs to look for when deciding if it’s time to upgrade your exterior.

A Guide to Exterior Remodeling

1. Moisture Damage

Does your siding have rot or paint that will no longer stick to it? Siding exposed to moisture for a long period of time can destroy siding extremely fast and can cause damage to the interior sheathing of the walls. Siding that is not properly flashed with metal where water and snow rest for long periods of time can cause the siding to swell like a sponge.

There are many other possible ways that siding can be harmed this way including failed gutters, improperly installed kick-out flashing and sprinkler systems that spray water on the siding just to name a few.

2. Failed Gutters

Failed gutters and cause serious damage to your home if not addressed quickly. Water usually travels behind the soffits where you can’t see and travels down the wall where it saturates the entire wall with water that can’t be seen until the siding starts to bleed from the inside.

Also, a failed or clogged gutter can damage fascia beyond repair.

3. Woodpeckers

Woodpeckers are a problem at times when they love to poke holes in wood siding to bunker down for the winter.  That’s just the start of it though after they have done the damage then come to the birds to steal your insulation and create nests to house for their little ones. Now you got a family of birds making noise in your walls while staining your drywall with waste.  

Also trying to stop woodpeckers since they are protected and many homeowners go to the extent of installing owls, reflection sources such as CDs and shiny metal strips on the home, rubber snakes, and sound systems to try to scare the birds away.

Final Words

If you find any of these problems with your home exterior, try to start an exterior renovation project before it's too late. The reason is that these problems don't take much longer to spread all around. Your home's exterior deserves an approved contractor who will pay attention and be precise in your remodeling project. Contact GS Exterior Experts for a free estimate, and we'll help you with all your siding needs.

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