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One of the first and foremost things that homeowners pay attention to is the exterior of the homes. This is mainly because of the fact that the home exterior is of utmost importance as all of us are aware of the fact that the first impression is the last. Furthermore, a strong exterior is important as it provides protection against many outside variables.

One of the common debates that are often highlighted amongst customers is that is siding better than stucco or what lasts longer stucco or siding.

Thus make sure to give this one a complete read as we are about to provide you with useful information in the said regards of stucco vs concrete siding.

What is Stucco?

Stucco is a material that has been used since the old ages for the purpose of construction. It can commonly be regarded as a plaster that comes with a clean finishing touch. Stucco is a favorable and fan-favorite material that is prominently used on the exterior of buildings.

But you should not think that it is the sole purpose of stucco as it can also be used in interior designs and living spaces.

stucco vs concrete siding

What is Concrete?

A composite mixture of water, cement, sand, and gravel is what we can say is concrete. When used in suitable quantities the cement and water will get hardened and will get converted into what is known as concrete.

Concrete is one of the most highly durable materials to ever exist as it can remain standing for long periods of time. It is because of this withstanding ability concrete has been used for centuries for construction purposes. Furthermore, concrete is a low-maintenance compound as it does not need you to allocate a budget for its protection and prevention.

Another characteristic that makes concrete stand out from the rest of the crowd is that it is highly energy efficient. It can store energy and thus is also helpful in the thermoregulation of the interiors. The buildings that use concrete tend to stay cool in summers and hot during intense winters.

Moreover, concrete is a versatile compound that becomes tend fold strong and functional when it hardens with time. With the recent innovations, concrete has gathered a new reputation that is ten times more apparent and long-lasting.

Acrylic Stucco vs Concrete Stucco

There is an ongoing debate regarding acrylic stucco and concrete that which one is the most suitable. Let us discuss the characteristics of both in detail so that making a decision is quite easy.

Acrylic Stucco

The many names of acrylic stucco are as follows:

  • Synthetic stucco
  • Elastomeric stucco

But the layman’s name of this one is acrylic stucco.

Acrylic stucco is an easy-to-apply material that is highly energy efficient. Furthermore, acrylic stucco is a highly flexible material and thus it provides both resistance and resilience against hairline cracks. Another quality of acrylic stucco is that it comes in a plethora of colors that are vibrant and full of life.

Concrete Stucco

Concrete stucco is also known as traditional stucco. It is an affordable option for individuals. Moreover, give multiple possibilities, as you can paint it in a color you prefer or convert in patterns like stone, brick, and so on. You can even make it soundproof.

concrete stucco

Furthermore, concrete stucco is easily available in the market.

Is Siding Better than Stucco?

There is no right answer to this curious query but there do exist some factors that can aid in the decision-making process.

For example, if you are a person who is interested in several key factors such as durability, value, and various other styling choices, then hands-down siding is the one that you should opt out of.

But on the other hand, if you are not on a budget and also in the mood for a natural outlook of your house then stucco is what will work for you and that is exactly what you should choose.

Is Stucco More Expensive Than Siding?

Moving on to the next one and this is an exciting one. People are often restricted in such choices because they mostly are on a budget. That is why if you are also part of the same crew who have to maintain a budget then you should definitely go with siding as it is a rather cost-effective option.

But if these things are not a matter for you then you can easily choose the other one and that is stucco.

What Lasts Longer Stucco or Siding?

Now, this is a tricky question as it depends on various factors such as installation as well as maintenance. If you are to properly assess these factors then the vinyl siding can provide a smooth exterior for straight 20 to 40 years maximum. And in the matters of time, stucco is the one that can take the lead as it can stay at the exterior of your house for 60 to 100 years,

The Bottom Line

Based on the above mentioned, these methods of home improvement demand time and research. Moreover, it also depends on an individual personal liking or disliking. So, make sure to do both before drawing a conclusion.

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