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should i buy a house with eifs stucco

Thinking of buying a home? Then, you must of a wide selection of choices, making it difficult for you to make a final decision. Right? Let’s make it a bit easier for you.

First of all, the million-dollar question,

Should I Buy A House With Eifs Stucco?

Before answering this question, you must know what you are talking about. EIFS and stucco are not the same, they are different in many ways, and when buying a home, you must consider these elements. let us understand what Eif and stucco are.


Stucco is a cement-based cladding. It is one of the very common cladding options.  It is a mix of natural ingredients and mesh; it is made of cement, sand, water, and lime. The textured and rich appeal of stucco is unmatched. You can find a variety of stucco options; a wide variety of colors and textures. There are two main types of stucco systems, known as the 3-coat system and the 1-coat system.


External Insulation and Finishing System(EIFS) is a kind of stucco but is very different from the traditional stucco. It uses layers that add synthetic material to surfaces. The layers constitute polystyrene foam board, glass mesh, and a final finish. At the first glance, it may appear similar to stucco but it is actually a synthetic alternative to traditional stucco.

eifs stucco

What Is Better Eifs Or Stucco?

Advantages of Stucco:

  • Durability:

Stucco is a highly durable and strong cladding option. It provides robust protection from moisture, termites, and outside elements.  Comparatively, it can last longer than other building materials.

  • Low maintenance:

If the stucco is properly mixed and installed, it will last for many years with minimal upkeep.

  • Fire and Insect Resistant:

Both sand and cement, which both trap heat and fire, are used to build walls. Termites and other insects are kept at bay by stucco's ability to serve as a barrier.

  • Noise Resistant:

Stucco is impervious to noise, so it reduces disturbances from the outside.

  • Gives Insulation Value:

Dense substances include cement, sand, water, and lime. They work together to create a sturdy insulation material that can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

Advantages of Eifs:

  • Moisture Resistant:

EIFS is attributed as the most effective cladding compared to traditional cladding and fiber cement siding in terms of moisture control. However, it is important to ensure its best installation.

  • Fire-resistant:

EIFS stucco is not just water but fire-resistant. It has great strength and aptitude against fire and heat.

  • Energy Efficiency:

It saves costs while conserving energy; it reduces the loss of heat and better air conditioning. By preventing air leakage and obstructing moisture, it offers the best energy efficiency.

  • Durable:

EIFS has a strong character against outside elements; they are flexible and require low maintenance. They resist fading, cracking, and other elements.

  • Convenience:

It is very convenient to install EIFS outside your home while you live inside it. It means that Eifs offer convenience to go for a house remodel.

  • Endless Options:

EIFS come with a wide selection of color, design, and texture options, making them some of the diverse cladding alternatives.

How To Tell If You Have Eifs Stucco?

Here comes the biggest problem, how do you tell if it is stucco or EIFS? Well, it is surely very difficult to distinguish one from the other immediately; however, there are a few indicators that you may pick up to tell if the wall cladding is stucco or EIFS.

Touch Test:

First of all, touch the wall with bare hands. If it feels like plastic, you have EIFS; if it is harsh, you may have stucco on your house.

Knock Test:

Knock the wall and check what it feels like. If it sounds hollow, you have EIFS. If it feels like a brick wall or just a dense wall, then you may have stucco.

Now, coming back to the point, whether or not you should buy a house with Eifs stucco.

Of course, you should buy a house with EIFS stucco. Given their ability to resist moisture, fire, and great energy efficiency, they are one of the good cladding options.

If you need further details, connect to a professional stucco expert!

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