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Blue and white home siding

When it comes to house siding, it's more than just curb appeal. It's about choosing a product that ensures durability, offers a vast range of design options, and stands the test of time. And that's precisely where LP Smart Siding Diamond Kote colors come into the picture. Known for their advanced protection against the elements, Diamond Kote Building Products ensures your home remains as stunning as the day you picked out those Diamond Kote siding samples.

15 Gorgeous LP Diamond Kote Siding Colors

With the promise of enduring beauty, let's dive into these 15 striking LP Diamond Kote siding colors that will elevate your home's exterior:

SMOOTH OPERATOR - Onyx siding, Bordeaux accent & Light Gray trim

Here's a classic and sophisticated combo that suits just about any home. The deep tones of Onyx complemented by the bold Bordeaux and softened by the Light Gray trim is sheer perfection.

EMERALD GLEAM - Graphite siding, Mahogany accent & Glacier Fog trim

Taking inspiration from nature's hues, this combination will undoubtedly make your home gleam. The contrast of the Graphite siding against the Mahogany accent feels both luxurious and welcoming.

MOONLIGHT - Clay siding, Midnight accent & White trim

Imagine a soft moonlit night; this combination captures that serenity. With the Clay siding offering a gentle backdrop, the Midnight accent adds depth, and the White trim is the touch of brightness.

DOWN TO EARTH - Mountain Lake siding, Oyster Shell accent & French Gray trim

The cool tones of Mountain Lake siding coupled with the neutral shades of Oyster Shell and French Gray give a grounded and harmonious look. It's nature and modern design in one package.

CRISP MELODY - Cascade siding, Chestnut accent & White trim

Bright and fresh like a spring morning, the Cascade siding brings a pop of color, balanced beautifully with the earthy Chestnut accent and crisp White trim.

STARLIT - Midnight siding, Light Gray accent & White trim

Channeling the deep beauty of a starry night, this combination of Midnight siding with Light Gray and White trims feels both classic and mysterious.

DISTINCTION - Coffee siding, Elkhorn accent & Light Gray trim

For the lovers of deep, rich hues, the Coffee siding paired with Elkhorn accent brings a touch of elegance, while the Light Gray trim offers a lovely contrast.

Grey and white siding

COFFEE BREAK - French Gray siding, Coffee accent & Glacier Fog trim

It's as comforting as your favorite coffee break. The softness of the French Gray siding gets a hint of depth from the Coffee accent, all perfectly tied together with the Glacier Fog trim.

WARM MEADOW - Seal siding, Elkhorn accent & Sand trim

Taking a cue from a warm, sunny meadow, this combination brings warmth and coziness. The Seal siding offers a solid foundation while the Elkhorn accent adds a rustic touch. The Sand trim brings it all together.

ALPINE RETREAT - Olive siding, Terra Bronze accent & Sand trim

Inspired by mountain retreats, the Olive siding feels organic and grounded, beautifully highlighted by the Terra Bronze accent. The Sand trim ensures a harmonious finish.

MON SHERRY - Bordeaux siding, Coffee accent & Clay trim

Like a fine wine, this combination is rich and intoxicating. The Bordeaux siding is full of character, complemented by the Coffee accent and earthy Clay trim.

CALM SERENITY - Bedrock siding, Mountain Lake accent & Sand trim

Calm and poised, the muted Bedrock siding paired with the tranquil Mountain Lake accent evokes a sense of peace. The Sand trim provides a neutral finish, bringing the whole look together.

COTTAGE MEMORIES - Chestnut siding, French Gray accent & Elkhorn trim

This trio evokes memories of cozy cottages nestled amidst nature. The Chestnut siding offers warmth, while the French Gray adds a touch of modernity, and the Elkhorn trim completes the rustic charm.

RUSTIC FASHION - Grizzly siding, Emerald accent & Glacier Fog trim

For those who love a rustic touch with a hint of glam, this is your pick. The deep Grizzly siding paired with the vibrant Emerald accent creates a dynamic look, all balanced with the Glacier Fog trim.

NATURAL NOUVEAU - Canyon siding, Umber accent & Oyster Shell trim

Drawing inspiration from nature's canvas, the Canyon siding and Umber accent feel grounded and earthy. The Oyster Shell trim adds a lightness, making this combination modern yet timeless.

Diamond Kote Siding Colors have an array of breathtaking options to match every home and style. So, whether you're browsing Diamond Kote siding samples or contemplating a revamp, remember that with Diamond Kote Building Products, beauty and quality walk hand in hand.

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